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We carry dry, canned and raw frozen dog and cat food.  We also carry Equidae Alfalfa Plus horse feed.  We have Bravo! freeze-dried and dry-roasted treats for dogs & cats, Paws Gourmet training treats for dogs and Paragon Dog Chews.

We now carry Cat-Man-Doo dog and cat treats!  YAY!

Try our new Aunt Jeni's Home Made treats for dogs and cats.  For those that follow the "Prey Model Diet" for their cats or dogs, we have Aunt Jeni's dehydrated rabbit ears and feet...with the fur on!  Our dogs love them!

We can special order most dog and cat products.

Dog food (dry) Canidae  Nature's Logic Wellness   Zignature  
Cat food (dry)  Wellness 
Dog food (canned)Wellness  Nature's Logic
Cat food (canned)Wellness 
Dog Food (raw frozen)    Raw Advantage   Nature's Logic  
Cat Food (raw frozen) Raw AdvantageNature's Logic

We only accept credit cards for purchases and we use Square to process credit cards.  If you are not familiar with Square, click here.